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How Can You Help Promote Knowledge of the Harm that Fluoride Causes?

Just by sharing Fluoridegate you can help increase awareness where it counts!

You may even save the life of a child.

1.  Share Fluoridegate with your local Government Representative

Follow these SIX easy steps:

  1. Get the email address of your local government representative by Clicking Here.
  2. When the representative web page opens, click on the envelope icon below their name.
  3. Fill out the information you need to provide.
  4. Copy and paste the message subject line below:
    Changing a policy to save lots of money and improve the health of Children
  5. Copy and paste the text of the message below, and don’t forget to add your representative’s name as indicated.
  6. Make sure to click send email at the bottom of the page when done.

Honorable (Congressman or Congresswoman) (Name)

In this time of extreme budget problems and rising health care costs this new documentary film uncovers a simple inexpensive solution that will not only save a lot of money but also dramatically improve the health and possibly the IQ of many children.

It doesn’t cost any more than the ink on the legislation to abandon a very flawed policy and it saves a ton of money too. If we do it now we can begin to reap the benefits tomorrow. I urge you to take actions that benefit the nation, the people and our future generations.

Please click on this link to watch New Documentary Film.

Thanking you in advance for taking the time to look into this.

A concerned citizen

2.  Share Fluoridegate Your Friends and Family

Like I promised at the end of the film we will stop this tragedy together!

There are a lot more concerned patriots, citizens, grandparents, fathers, mothers and young people than there are wrongly educated or uninformed corporate and government officials.

Copy and paste the link below and share Fluoridegate with friends and family. We do not have to put up with this but it will continue to happen until enough of us stand up and say; STOP IT NOW!

Dr. David Kennedy,


Share The link to the feature length documentary, Fluoridegate on YouTube

 3. Your Favorite Social Media Site

Use the social sharing links below to spread the word and encourage people to come to the site to learn more.

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